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Call for removal of all MPs with dual citizenship ahead of elections: Sobhitha Thera

May 12, Colombo (LNW): There are currently more than 10 members serving in Parliament who possess dual citizenship, hence the necessity for the removal of such MPs from their positions prior to the elections, Ven. Omalpe Sobitha Thera disclosed.

Speaking to media, the Thera noted that in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling confirming former State Minister Diana Gamage’s ineligibility to serve as an MP in the Parliament of Sri Lanka due to her British citizenship, all party leaders are respectfully urged to disclose any members within their respective parties who hold dual citizenship.

MPs holding dual citizenship should voluntarily step down before the forthcoming elections, and the onus lies on the respective party leaders to take responsibility for their removal, the Thera emphasised.

He further remarked that such MPs demonstrate a lack of allegiance to the country, using their parliamentary roles solely for personal benefit.

It is imperative that they are given the chance to come forward before the impeding election, the Thera went on, adding that otherwise he has the means to reveal their identities.

“In any event of their failure to do so, we will be compelled to pursue legal recourse against them. However, engaging in litigation over these matters is both protracted and costly,” Sobhitha Thero added.

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