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“Yukthiya”: Significant results achieved with over 111k arrests

May 12, Colombo (LNW): The “Yukthiya” operation launched on December 17 2023 aimed to combat organised crime and narcotics trafficking has yielded significant results, with 111,074 suspects arrested so far.

As of now, 4,472 individuals remain under detention orders for further interrogation, Police Spokesman Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police Nihal Thalduwa disclosed.

Law enforcement agencies have made substantial seizures of narcotics during the operation, including 41 kilograms of heroin, 43 kilograms of ‘Ice’ (methamphetamine), and 300,000 narcotic pills.

These seizures reflect a concerted effort to disrupt and dismantle drug networks operating within the country.

Moreover, Operation “Yukthiya” has also targeted illicit assets amassed through criminal activities.

Authorities have seized illegal assets with an estimated value of approximately Rs. 1,500 million.

The aspect of the operation intends the government’s commitment to combating organised crime and disrupting the financial infrastructure that supports illegal activities, however, despite these apparent successes, the “Yukthiya” operation has faced criticism for alleged human rights abuses.

Concerns have been raised regarding the treatment of detainees and the methods used during interrogations. Critics argue that the operation’s focus on swift and extensive arrests may have compromised due process and individual rights.

While combating crime is essential for public safety and security, it must be done with full respect for human rights and the rule of law, human rights defenders argued.

Any allegations of misconduct or abuse must be thoroughly investigated, and accountability must be upheld to maintain public trust and confidence in law enforcement agencies, according to critics.

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