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Minister responds to allegations of human rights abuses within “Yukthiya” Operation, vows strict measures against such incidents

May 13, Colombo (LNW): In response to allegations of police officers abusing their authority within the “Yukthiya” (Justice) Operation and colluding with criminals for bribes, Public Security Minister Tiran Alles has affirmed that strict measures will be implemented against any officers found engaging in such misconduct.

Alles told Daily Mirror his zero-tolerance policy towards such incidents, stating that he has already taken action against certain police officers implicated in such allegations and their connections with criminal elements.

Recent events have underscored the decisive action he has taken against those found misusing their uniforms, the Minister affirmed.

Allegations of human rights abuses within the Yukthiya Operation surfaced, with several MPs raising concerns that innocent individuals, including school children, are being detained under the Yukthiya Operation for minor infractions in certain police stations and subsequently charged under Act 54 of the Criminal Procedure.

SLPP MP Samanpriya Herath highlighted issues faced by individuals in the Kurunegala district, where youths found loitering at junctions and roads are reportedly detained and charged under Act 54.

In response, Minister Alles refuted claims of wrongful detentions under the operation, suggesting that such incidents may occur during routine police operations rather than under the Yukthiya operations specifically.

Elaborating on the focus of the Yukthiya Operation, Alles clarified its primary objective of apprehending identified drug traffickers rather than individuals solely involved in drug consumption.

Addressing concerns over police conduct, Minister Alles acknowledged issues within certain police stations and committed to taking action against any officers found engaging in misconduct.

He asserted that while there are concerns within specific police stations, it is crucial to adhere to due process in addressing these issues.

The Minister emphasised that he remains steadfast in upholding the integrity of law enforcement and will not yield to political pressure.

Alles further reiterated his commitment to combating drug-related crimes and expressed confidence in public support for the government’s efforts.

However, he did underscore that any instances of police misconduct will be swiftly dealt with.

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