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Industries Ministry steps up efforts to support entrepreneurs 

In a bid to alleviate the ongoing challenges faced by micro, small and medium-scale entrepreneurs (MSMEs) and industrialists amid the economic turmoil triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Easter Sunday attack, the Industries Ministry has announced a comprehensive plan.

To kick start the initiative, the Finance Ministry, upon the recommendations of the Industries Ministry, has devised a working capital loan scheme featuring a concessionary interest rate. 

The scheme seeks to inject renewed vigour into entrepreneurs and industrialists burdened with non-performing bank loans.

Against this backdrop, the Industries Ministry aims to gather crucial information about entrepreneurs and industrialists to better understand and address their lingering issues, a top official said. 

“For those grappling with non-performing loans (NPLs), the Industries Ministry has streamlined the application process for the working capital loan scheme. Interested parties can access the official website of the Ministry to download the application form,” he added.

Entrepreneurs and industrialists are urged to promptly submit information about their enterprises or industries to the Industries Ministry. 

“This can be done conveniently through the provided QR code or Google Link,” the official said, adding that alternatively, individuals can fill out the form and provide the required details to National Enterprise Development Officials at their respective Divisional Secretariats, Vidatha Officers, or Small Enterprise Development Officers affiliated with nearby Divisional or District Secretaries. 

Additionally, officials from the Ministry’s Regional Industrial Service Centre or Regional Industrial Development Board are available to assist in this process.

Submissions can be made via email to the Ministry or through the designated officials mentioned earlier.

“Entrepreneurs and industrialists are encouraged to take advantage of these resources to revive their businesses and contribute to economic recovery,” he added.

 Successful MSMEs usually evolve into large organisations, and such organisations contribute to economic growth immensely. 

MSMEs make an important contribution to the economy as a breeding ground for large firms, an employment provider, and a facilitator of innovation, thereby leading to inclusive and balanced growth.

Most successful economies comprise a healthy mix of both large and small firms. Large firms typically are more productive, have the capacity to invest in capital intensive projects, facilitate research and development on a larger scale, and in turn facilitate the creation of new knowledge contributing to yield growth episodes.


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