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SL descent V.V. Ganeshananthan wins Carol Shields Prize for Fiction 2024

May 16, Colombo (LNW): Renowned author V.V. Ganeshananthan has been awarded the esteemed Carol Shields Prize for Fiction 2024 for her compelling work, ‘Brotherless Night‘.

The novel, deeply rooted in the early years of the Sri Lankan civil war, captivates readers with its extraordinary narrative and rich storytelling.

Ganeshananthan, of Sri Lankan descent herself, drives the reader into the complexities of familial bonds, identity, and the human experience against the backdrop of conflict-ridden Sri Lanka.

Her prose, imbued with sensitivity and depth, explores the lives of ordinary individuals caught in the tumultuous events happened during the thirty year-war.

Brotherless Night‘ stands as a testament to Ganeshananthan’s mastery of storytelling and her ability to evoke powerful emotions in her readers.

The novel has garnered widespread acclaim for its nuanced portrayal of characters and its exploration of themes such as loss, resilience, and the search for belonging.

Ganeshananthan through her work sheds light on lesser-known narratives and offers a platform for underrepresented stories to be heard.

Speaking on her win, Ganeshananthan expressed gratitude for the recognition of ‘Brotherless Night‘ and emphasised the significance of storytelling as a means of fostering understanding and empathy.

She hopes that her novel will serve as a bridge between cultures and spark conversations about shared humanity.

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