Thursday, June 20, 2024

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Ministry receives over 400 complaints regarding mercenary recruitment for Russia-Ukraine conflict

May 19, Colombo (LNW): The Defence Ministry has received more than 400 complaints from families of citizens allegedly recruited by mercenary companies to fight in the Russia-Ukraine war, reports said.

Authorities initiated a probe earlier this month following reports of Sri Lankan nationals, particularly those with military backgrounds, being trafficked to participate in the conflict in Ukraine.

In response to these concerns, the Defence Ministry established a hotline for family members to lodge complaints.

This move came after several returnees revealed the perilous conditions faced by predominantly ex-soldiers, who were fighting mainly for Russia.

To date, the Ministry has received a total of 411 complaints.

Reports indicate that not only former security forces personnel but also civilians without any military training have been recruited as mercenaries in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The government has decided to dispatch a delegation to Russia to identify and repatriate its citizens currently engaged in combat for Russia in Ukraine.

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