Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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Sri Lanka Insurance awarded the Most Loved Life Insurance Brand of 2024 

  • Sri Lanka Insurance secures 1st place as the Most Loved Life Insurance Brand for the 7th Consecutive Year 

Sri Lanka Insurance Life (SLICLL) has once again been recognized as the Most Loved Life Insurance Brand in the country, according to LMD’s latest Brand Finance Most Loved Brand edition. This marks the seventh consecutive year that SLICLL has secured this prestigious position, highlighting the company’s unwavering commitment to serving the people of Sri Lanka.

SLICLL has consistently connected with customers and the broader community by customizing its products and services to address the unique needs of all Sri Lankans. To meet the growing demand for convenience and transparency, SLICLL has continuously upgraded and innovated its offerings. The reintroduced ‘Sri Lanka Insurance Life Wealth Plus’ is a short-term investment plan with long-term protection, now featuring new benefits to better serve customers. Additionally, ‘Sri Lanka Insurance Life Early Cash’ was launched online to cater to today’s digital-savvy consumers. The D+ insurance product for diabetics and the School Fee Protector, which ensures children’s uninterrupted education in the event of a parent’s demise, further highlight SLICLL’s commitment to evolving customer needs.

The brand’s promise, ‘Like a Father, Like a Mother,’ reflects its empathetic approach to customer service and community engagement. SLICLL’s CSR initiatives are a testament to its dedication to child education, community development, and cultural preservation. The ‘Suba Pathum Scholarship’ program, which has awarded 1800 scholarships worth Rs. 200 million, supports children excelling in national exams. The company also commemorates World Children’s Day by offering a Rs. 1 million life insurance cover to parents of children born on October 1st. The ‘Pasal Piriyatha’ project has improved infrastructure in 3265 less-privileged schools, ensuring a better learning environment. Cultural heritage preservation is another key focus for SLICLL, with long-standing support for traditional Peraheras and assistance to pilgrims visiting Anuradhapura during the Poson season for over 30 years.

Internally, SLICLL is committed to diversity, inclusivity, and employee welfare. The company supports its staff with comprehensive medical benefits, fair treatment, and empowerment initiatives, particularly for women. 

This enduring dedication to its stakeholders and market presence has solidified SLICLL’s reputation, culminating in its recognition as the Most Loved Life Insurance Brand of the year. The company boasts the largest asset base in the industry at Rs. 220.5 billion and the largest life fund of Rs. 180.8 billion, underscoring its position as the strongest insurer in the country.

LMD’s Most Loved Brands Awards, organized annually by Lanka Monthly Digest (LMD), reflect consumer preferences and sentiments across Sri Lanka. These awards recognize excellence based on exhaustive surveys, consumer feedback, brand perception, and market performance.

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