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Some people in the committees assigned high responsibilities related to sports want to maintain the power delegated by the minister, engaging in omnipotent behavior as representatives to ensure the entire sports administration operates according to their orders. We have seen the results of this in recent days. It was during the period of minister Roshan.

The advisory force that went to make the minister all-powerful and was behind it made Roshan Ranasinghe a minister and the banning of three of Sri Lanka’s most important sports due to political influence became the final result.

From a more practical perspective, Harin Fernando, who has been appointed as a minister, carefully hides his ministerial appearance and is prepared to protect the independence of the sports administrations and deal with them with more restraint
and discipline when any problems arise. At a time when it is trying to focus on collective investigations instead of individual decision-making power, to put its power under the Director General of Sports, and to make the administration of
sports associations more independent, the National Olympic Committee is revising the procedures that have been carried out until now and making them legal. Dr.Maiya Gunasekara, Chairman of the National Sports Council, has sent a letter to
the National Olympic Committee saying that it is not.

It is trying to emphasize that the minister is the competent authority in sports, and therefore, as a representative of the minister, he should have the final decision regarding the selections. Dr.Maiya Gunasekara was a person who held more than one responsibility under Roshan Ranasinghe, who was
serious about this. His expectation is to implement that pattern
now under Harin Fernando.

At one point, when Minister Roshan Ranasinghe brought the Stabilization Committee of Dr.Maiya, who is close to rugby, to lose the representation of the Asian Games to the Sri Lankan rugby team, he failed to get the Asian President who was together with the Minister of Sports to agree to it. As a rugby
fan, Dr.Maiya was also interested in rugby and tried to pave the way for the Asian representation, but it should be remembered that the schedule of matches was even set without Sri Lanka at the request of the Asia President. But in the end,
Dr.Maiya must have remembered how he dealt with the request of the Sri Lanka Olympic Committee, saying that the authority of the Asian Games is the Asian Olympic Committee.

At present Olympic President Suresh Subramaniam has written
a letter to Maiya Gunasekar asking him not to create non-
existent issues. He points out that Dr.Maiya Gunasekara is
trying to violate the Olympic Charter. Also, taking an example
of the organization of boxing events in the Paris Olympics, it
has been stated that it has been decided to be managed by the
International Olympic Committee instead of being assigned to
the International Boxing Association.

The most important thing is that both Dr.Maiya Gunasekara and Suresh Subramaniam are working together in the high committees appointed by the Minister related to sports. In such a situation, before writing letters to the National Olympic Committee, it is possible to discuss certain situations at one table. But addressing the National Olympic Committee using its letterhead as the chairman of the National Sports Council is a demonstration of the need to show that he has some authority. We are reminded again and again that three sports were banned in the country rather than Roshan Ranasinghe, who went to show the power of the Minister of Sports Act and worked as a consultant to Dr.Maiya Gunasekara, losing his position as the Minister of Sports. If it is understood that within that system, the identity of a country’s sports association with the shape of the international organization of that sport cannot be changed by the sports law, Dr.Maiya Gunasekara will have the ability to face this moment as an intelligent scholar.

Reversing should also be used to accurately track the movement of vehicles. If not, you may have to go ahead and face the dangers. Therefore, if there is a mistake, it is a weakness to create conflicts without correcting it. Dr. Mahia Gunasekara is an expert in surgery. As a surgeon, it is no secret that he performs separations and additions through surgery. Now the sport needs a plan to preserve the independence of those associations. So not important removals
in the game. Transplantation. Dr.Maiya Gunasekara has been in the control of a sport related to sports administration for a long time with the appointment of a minister. Because of the way Dr.Maiya Gunasekerata was often involved in sports administration in the form of some kind of position in an interim committee or as a responsibility for the appointment of a minister as he is at the moment, in the midst of many problems, even when the minister is giving up the power of the Sports Act, does the doctor feel that someone should not be in the sport more than the minister who appointed him? Does he think that as appointed representatives, he should be omnipotent and act on behalf of the minister, putting the minister first rather than the international statutes related to sports administration? Avoid wrong operations in the game. We strongly request Dr.Maiya Gunasekara.

We insist that the most important thing at the moment is not to work as two officials working together to entangle the international and Sri Lankan politics and pave the way for international censorship so that Sri Lanka cannot even carry the national flag. Earlier we also predicted the fate of cricket, rugby and football. But even the minister who was there at that time, people like Dr.Maiya, who helped the sports administration with his appointments, ignored it.

This is a similar moment. At a time when there is an opportunity to sit in the same meeting, if Dr.Maiya Gunasekara brings his language to the fore without creating the necessary background to make the International Olympic Committee flexible and sensitized, maybe the lion of the city of Paris would not have risen to the top. Dr.Maiya, as a top-level professional, cannot be expected to behave with an idea like “it doesn’t matter here, we have to do what the minister says” regarding the statutes of the International Olympic Committee, which has a strong system to censor the burning country like Russia in the same way.

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