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The Olympic media manager was arrested while trying to leave the country

May 28, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka National Olympic Committee Marketing and Media Manager Gobinath Sivaraja has been arrested by airport immigration officials. It is reported that he was arrested while trying to flee the country despite the existing foreign travel ban, and it has been pointed out as a violation of the court’s decision.

This is disrespect and insult to the court, as well as violation of bail conditions, and may suffer serious consequences. Legal departments point out that it is an act.

So far, the court has remanded Gopinath until the coming fifth. Gobinath Sivaraja is a suspect in a case involving the Secretary of the National Olympic Committee, Maxwell de Silva, in connection with a fraud case that is currently being investigated, and it is also related to other people there. For this reason, he was arrested while trying to travel abroad with another person. The intake has been exhausted.

Investigations are also being carried out to show that games limited to pieces of green are established domestically with international support and that they have been involved in financial fraud, and some of them are also accused of raising funds despite the fact that certain games have been identified and banned by the Sports Development Department.

However, it has been confirmed that there is a sports association for winter sports (snow sports) in Sri Lanka. It is also reported that some responsibility has been assigned to Gobinath.

With the incident of Gopinath, it has been discussed that whether a salaried employee of the National Olympic Committee can hold positions in a number of sports associations, the Ministry of Sports should investigate.

It has been discussed with examples. However, the situation has not yet been resolved, so it should be considered whether a person involved in several groups can make an important intervention for the progress of a game.

We have also pointed out before that it is an unethical process to embrace the positions of several sports federations like oranges.

*Adapted from original article, “ඔලිම්පික් මාධ්‍ය කළමණාකරු රටින් යන්න හදද්දී අත්අඩංගුවට” by Nishman Ranasinghe published on 28.05.2024.

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