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Sri Lanka to re-establish its Embassy in Iraq aiming to promote investment   

By: Staff Writer

June 02, Colombo (LNW): Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Sri Lanka Mohammed Obaid Jabur Zahir Al-Masoudi encouraged the re-establishment of a Sri Lankan embassy in Iraq, to strengthen diplomatic and economic engagement between the two countries.

He said the move is seen as a crucial step in addressing visa issues and smoother trade relations.

Al-Masoudi made these remarks during a meeting with Trade Minister Nalin Fernando on Wednesday to discuss conducting the 9th session of Iraq-Sri Lanka for Economic and Technical Cooperation in Sri Lanka scheduled to be held in November. The forum offers a platform to strengthen bilateral relations between both countries.

he Chargé d’Affairs of the Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Colombo Mohammed Obaid Jabur Zahir Al-Masoudi has invited Sri Lankan investors to establish business links in the middle east country.

“The Head of the embassy encourages Sri Lankan investors to establish business links in Bagdad and Kurdistan,” the trade ministry said in a statement.

Establishing direct shipping facilities which would bolster Sri Lanka’s trade to Europe and the Middle East, improving air connectivity, and bilateral tourism ventures between the two countries were discussed at the meeting.

The re-establishment of a Sri Lankan Embassy in Iraq was also discussed to solve visa and tax issues between the two countries.

Iraq is one of the main buyers of Sri Lanka’s tea. Nearly 150,000 migrant Sri Lankans work in Iraq

Reiterating the importance of strengthening economic ties, the Head of the Embassy encouraged Sri Lankan investors to explore business opportunities in Baghdad and Kurdistan.

Iraq remains a major buyer of Ceylon Tea and around 150,000 Sri Lankan labourers work in Iraq. The meeting also addressed tax issues on goods traded between the two countries and explored ways to enhance trade efficiency.

He praised Sri Lanka’s rapid progress toward economic stability and reaffirmed Iraq’s commitment to supporting the country’s economic development, the Trade Ministry said in a statement.

The Chargé d’Affairs outlined the advantages of direct shipping facilities, which could offer Sri Lanka faster and more convenient access to European and Middle Eastern markets, further boosting trade opportunities.

Minister Fernando provided an overview of Sri Lanka’s current economic situation and underscored the need for international support not only in the monetary sector but across various other sectors.

He highlighted the vital role of international partnerships in fostering economic recovery and growth.

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