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Flooding ravages Millakanda and Pitabeddara areas, leaving main roads inundated

June 02, Colombo (LNW): Alarming flood situations have gripped the Millakanda region along the Kalu River and the Pitabeddara area along the Nilwala River, the Department of Irrigation said in a recent update.

The department has issued a statement highlighting the severity of the situation, noting widespread inundation of crucial infrastructure, including major roads like the Bulathsinhala – Kalutara road.

The deluge stems from a staggering 149.8 millimetres of rainfall inundating the Millakanda area within the Kuda Ganga basin of the Kalu River, the Department assessed.

The relentless downpour has led to overflowing riverbanks and surging waters, exacerbating the flood crisis in these regions.

The repercussions of the flooding extend beyond submerged roads, with communities in these areas facing significant disruptions to daily life.

Local authorities are grappling with the aftermath, mobilising resources to address the immediate needs of affected residents and mitigate further damage.

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