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The President has given the necessary orders to supply fuel. People should stop panicking – Johnston

Chief Government Whip, Minister Johnston Fernando says that the people should not be alarmed as President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has issued orders and provided the necessary funds to continue the supply of fuel for the next month.

“The President has given the necessary orders to supply fuel continuously and the required funds have been found. A ship has arrived today, and when it was unloaded it made all the necessary decisions to continue to supply the fuel needed for the next full month. ”

Question: Do you have dollars to pay for these?

“It has to be paid because we do have dollars. The President took direct decisions on those matters with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance. ”

Q: Does that mean there will be no need for people to wait in queues in the future?

“No, there is no need. We also tell the people not to panic and fill up the tanks ”

Minister Johnston Fernando said this while expressing his views to the media while leaving after a special discussion held at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (02).

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