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Ministry to offer overseas job opportunities to retired military personnel and war hero families

June 06, Colombo (LNW): The Ministry of Defence has disclosed that the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment is poised to allocate a portion of foreign job opportunities to retired military personnel and families of war heroes.

The decision, aimed at providing avenues for employment to these esteemed individuals, reflects a concerted effort to honour their service and sacrifice.

The revelation emerged during a high-level meeting convened to enlighten tri-forces personnel on the programme facilitating foreign employment for retired tri-forces personnel and members of war hero families.

Defence State Minister Premitha Bandara Tennakoon presided over the gathering, which saw the participation of senior tri-forces officers and representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment.

The initiative materialised following deliberations between State Minister Tennakoon and Labour and Foreign Employment Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, signifying a collaborative approach between defence and labour authorities to address the employment needs of retired military personnel and their families.

Initially, opportunities in the construction sector in Israel will be made available to eligible candidates.

To support expatriates in their endeavours, the Ministry has outlined plans to facilitate access to loan facilities at concessional rates through state banks.

Notably, 67 personnel from the Army have been earmarked for deployment in these roles, with further invitations extended to Navy and Air Force personnel to nominate suitable candidates.

Furthermore, retired armed forces members under the age of 44 will undergo rigorous training and examination conducted by the Ministry of Labour and Foreign Employment to equip them with the necessary skills and qualifications for overseas employment opportunities.

This comprehensive approach underscores the commitment of both ministries to ensuring the smooth transition of military personnel into civilian roles abroad while upholding standards of excellence and professionalism.

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