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zMessenger Supports World Ladies Golf Week Tournament, Encouraging Women’s Empowerment Through Sport

In an exciting development, leading marketing technology company zMessenger has announced its sponsorship of the upcoming Privately Organized International World Ladies Golf  Tournament  set to take place at the prestigious Royal Colombo Golf Club on June 17th.

Womens Golf Day is an international event that brings together women of all ageas and skill levels to celebrate golf and learn the skills that last a life time.

zMessenger, a trailblazing marketing technology firm renowned for pioneering Mobile marketing and Application to Person messaging in Sri Lanka, has always been at the forefront of innovation. The company offers complete, integrated digital business and technology solutions – digital marketing, social listening, customer data platform technology and analytics to deliver tangible results for its clients. zMessenger is behind most of the popular digital marketing solutions serving leading international and local brands, banking and finance institutions, marketing agencies and mobile network operators. 

Founder and CEO of zMessenger, Jayomi Lokuliyana, an avid golfer herself  expressed her enthusiasm for the company’s sponsorship of the World Ladies Golf Week Tournament, stating, “As a passionate female golfer and advocate for women’s progress and empowerment, I am thrilled to support an event that celebrates the strength, skill, and determination of female athletes. At zMessenger, we believe in fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity, and this sponsorship is a testament to our commitment to empowering women both on and off the golf course. We are proud to stand behind the talented women participating in this very privately  organized and executed  tournament and look forward to a day of exciting competition and camaraderie.”

Golf, a sport known for its strategic gameplay and precision, holds parallels with the business landscape that zMessenger navigates. Both golf and business require skill, foresight, and calculated decisions to achieve success. By sponsoring the World Ladies Golf Week Tournament, zMessenger showcases its support for the values of dedication, perseverance, and excellence that are integral to both the game of golf and the company’s operations.

As zMessenger continues to break new ground in the technology sector, its partnership with the World Ladies Golf Week Tournament not only reflects its commitment to fostering women’s participation in sports but also underscores the company’s belief in the power of collaboration, strategy, and teamwork to drive success in all endeavors.

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