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The Time Has Come to Lay a Strong Foundation for the Future of Our Motherland – NMSJ

Proposed Special Statement

The time has come to lay a strong foundation for the future of our motherland.

1. Since the beginning of the national movement for a just society, we have continuously and courageously advocated for building a just government and society, creating national harmony, and abolishing the title of Executive President.

2. In order to build mutual trust between the North and the South, we have appealed to the honorable President and various political party leaders to take steps to solve the burning issue of racism and bigotry before the next election from the 9th Parliament, without deferring it to the next generation and the diaspora.

3. Since the Leader of the Opposition made a public statement about this yesterday, and since the Janatha Vimukti Peramuna and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa have mentioned this a long time ago, we once again request that an all-party roundtable discussion be convened to resolve this issue without further delay.

4. We believe that since a significant group of the diaspora has come forward in good faith and received the majority of Sri Lankan society’s support, we can garner the support of that group as well.

We respectfully point out that all serious political leaders have a special responsibility to solve these problems face to face, without boycotting the proposed discussions for any reason.

We again appeal to the entire Parliament, led by the President, to take advantage of this opportunity, setting aside narrow political interests. We believe that future generations will inevitably accuse us of neglecting this opportunity as an act of treason.

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