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Sri Lankan rubber exporters to adopt CH17 Digital program to meet EU guidelines

By: Staff Writer

June 09, Colombo (LNW): In the wake of EU guidelines deadline is set for 31 December 2024 , Sri Lankan rubber exporters have been compelled to o ensure continued EU market access for specified products including rubber and all rubber-based commodities.

 In order to ensure that products exported to the EU will have EU deforestation regulation (EUDR) certificate, the implementation process should start now

Sri Lanka produced 152,000 metric tonnes of rubber in 2012, but by 2023, it had fallen to only 64,400 metric tonnes, Manoj Udugampola, a former Chairman of the Colombo Rubber Traders Associations said .

A census by Sri Lanka’s Rubber Development Department had found that the area cultivated had fallen from 138,000 hectares to 98,250 hectares

Ch17 Digital has announced the development of an innovative program designed to ensure seamless EUDR compliance for exporters. This cutting-edge solution is tailored specifically for the rubber and rubber-based product industry, enabling exporters to effortlessly meet the stringent new EU regulations.

With CH17 Digital’s program, exporters can confidently navigate the compliance landscape, ensuring their products meet all requirements and continue to thrive in the EU market.

Under EU law, any final rubber-based product, in any form, must originate from legally cultivated areas in the country of origin.

The EU discourages deforestation and illegal land clearance to promote sustainable and responsible sourcing practices.

This covers plantations such as coffee, cocoa, rubber, cattle, wood, palm oil, soy and their derivatives, regardless of the EU or non-EU origins of the material.

According to CH17 Digital CEO Jumar Preena: “The Company is committed towards empowering Sri Lanka’s rubber industry through multi-model digital transformation.

Early this year CH17 together with Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka (RRI) launched a pilot project to recognise and reward selected rubber tappers who have been re designated as Rubber Tapping Assistants.

The RRISL launched a campaign themed “Kirithuru Abhiman” where in recognition of passing the NVQ Level 5 examination nearly 100 of these Tapping Assistants received certificates after intensive assessment of their skills. This reward scheme was supported by CH17 Loyalty.”

“CH17 is also working on developing a program to monitor worker performance and output through an on-line assessment module.

Another feature will be to “mark” every single rubber tree and input data with regards to their age, yield, plant health, fertiliser application record, any diseases etc. These data will be fed into a main base for analysis and report.

Towards this we will develop a QR sticker which the plantation companies will have to stick on the tree. This is a huge process, we got to start from scratch.” Jumar added

“We plan to implement rewards driven programs where CH17 partner vendors will accept the Kirithuru Abhiman Privilege card and offer upfront cash discounts, cash-rewards, points schemes which will benefit these workers and their families on a daily basis. 

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