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New city planned for residents along Kelani River bank to minimize flood impact

By: Staff Writer

June 09, Colombo (LNW): Sri Lanka has faced many natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, tsunamis and landslides. During all these disasters the government moved into action through respective Government Agents supported by Grama Sevaka, tri-forces, Police, social services organizations and the philanthropists to provide immediate relief to the affected people.

The government has carried out immediate relief activities mainly contained the provision of cooked meals and the grant of Rs 10,000.00 to next of kin of those who lost their lives inder official bungling with some officials making attempts to derail the program for their political gains.

The bureaucratic red tapes preclude issuing of provisions to those who are not in the displaced centers for the purpose despite instruction given to ignore circulars and the Regulations

In light of the severe flood risk, plans are afoot to establish a new city along the Kelani River bank, designed to provide comprehensive amenities including hospitals, schools, and residential complexes.

This initiative aims to enhance living standards for the local population, particularly given the proximity of major institutions like the IDH Hospital and the Sri Lanka Transport Board Depot.

Authorities are set to engage with residents to incorporate their feedback, ensuring a community-driven development plan within the next decade.

This was revealed by Senior Presidential Advisor on National Security and Chief of Staff, Sagala Ratnayaka.He also announced a LKR 10,000 allowance for each household affected by the recent floods.

During his visit to the Kolonnawa area on June 7, Ratnayaka inspected flood-damaged homes and a medical clinic at the Kolonnawa Sri Sambuddharaja Purana Vihara, overseeing relief efforts.

Ratnayaka emphasized that this allowance marks a shift from previous policies, now providing support to all affected households, not just those in relief camps.

“The government is also planning comprehensive house reconstruction with army assistance and distributing essential medicines to prevent disease outbreaks, especially among vulnerable groups. With floodwaters receding, health risks are rising, prompting preventive measures against diseases like dengue,” he said.

“Collaboration with the Navy, Red Cross, and local communities is underway to distribute aid and restore safe water access. President Ranil Wickremesinghe has directed officials to expedite relief measures and address factors contributing to floods, including illegal construction and land reclamation, he added.

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