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CAA warns public of flood-contaminated chicken, urges caution in purchases

June 11, Colombo (LNW): The General Workers’ Association of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has cautioned the public regarding the purchase of chicken amidst recent floods, citing an increased risk of contamination, a report by Daily Mirror reveals.

Ajith Jayasundara, General Secretary of the Association, denoted the submergence of numerous poultry farms, leading to the deaths of many birds, according to report.

Floodwater may carry various viruses, such as rat fever, posing a threat to these birds. Moreover, the spread of bacteria in floodwaters could further compromise their health, he explained.

Jayasundara further told Daily Mirror that the CAA had conducted inspections on chicken-selling stalls post-floods, uncovering deceased birds.

“Typically, prepared chicken exhibits a white skin tone with removed heads and drained blood. However, a reddish hue in the skin may indicate exposure to floodwaters,” he emphasised.

The Association has observed such discoloured chicken in select supermarkets and retail outlets situated in flood-affected regions.

Additionally, concerns were raised regarding the processing of various animals into meat products like meatballs and sausages.

The Association urged the CAA to swiftly investigate meat stalls.

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