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Approval of Grama Niladhari Service Constitution Announced by State Minister Ashoka Priyantha

June 15, Colombo (LNW): State Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Ashoka Priyantha, announced that the Grama Niladhari Service Constitution has been approved by the Public Service Commission following the Cabinet Ministers’ endorsement. This new constitution also allows for necessary amendments.

During a press briefing titled “Collective Path to a Stable Country” at the Presidential Media Centre on June 13, State Minister Priyantha shared several key updates:

  • The government has initiated significant projects such as “Urumaya” and “Aswasuma.”
  • Development projects that were previously halted have now resumed, with efforts underway in both villages and towns through decentralized allocations.

State Minister Priyantha emphasized the importance of government officials supporting these initiatives and fulfilling their duties to the public. Despite the challenges faced when the ministries assumed their responsibilities, the government has made steady progress in strengthening public services. Notably, they appointed GN officers for 1,942 Grama Niladhari Divisions, and their training is currently in progress.

Addressing the long-standing issue of the Grama Niladhari Service Constitution, he noted its recent approval by the Public Service Commission. This approval, following the Cabinet Ministers’ endorsement, includes provisions for future amendments if necessary.

Reflecting on past challenges, Priyantha mentioned the trade union actions of GN officers during which a disaster struck. Despite these difficulties, government officials and the majority of GN officers stepped up to fulfill their duties, for which he expressed gratitude.

Furthermore, rural food security and nutrition committees have been established across the country, ensuring the provision of a safe and healthy diet for the population.

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