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June 29, (LNW) Colombo : Yesterday, a complaint was reported to the Sports Ministry’s ombudsman regarding several personalities related to Sri Lanka Rugby. Rizly Illyas, a former president, presented the allegations, highlighting that the rugby account is heavily indebted, and that the rugby administration had made decisions that would result in international fines.
Today, it has been reported that preparations are underway to make several accusations against Dilroy Fernando. It is also reported from those facts that Dilroy and other people will have to appear before legal proceedings even if they are not found guilty due to their involvement in contacting him. Sri Lanka Rugby has been informed twice that he will be unable to take on certain responsibilities as a rugby coach and in rugby administration, despite his ownership of a sporting goods supply company. In some cases, through lawyers, the wrongness of such situations has been pointed out through the Sports Act and the Sri Lanka Rugby Constitution, although attention has been paid to stopping those relationships, but they have not stopped completely. He has also been accused of being involved in the game of Sri Lankan rugby through the roles of a coach and referee and selling goods to Sri Lankan rugby while holding such responsibilities. Under these circumstances, if a sports club or school engages him for rugby training, coaching, counseling, or any other rugby-related responsibility, Dilroy would involved without disclosing to those parties the legal restrictions imposed by the rugby constitution and the country’s sports laws.
Those sources also indicate that if he undertakes responsibilities with any school or sports club in this manner without disclosure, they may also become involved in legal proceedings regarding this misconduct, requiring them to testify before the law. At least some of the existing rugby administrations have been removed from the responsibilities assigned to him after these situations were reported, and in the presence of those facts, some people have called Dilroy again to the rugby responsibilities and have also taken action to do various things by collecting Sri Lanka Rugby with him. It is reported that there are grounds for the accusations. The same sources indicate that the Old Rugby Association of the school he attended has also decided not to involve him in any activities. These facts will also support these accusations as evidence. However, Dilroy Fernando has the opportunity to comment on this news if the information we have is inaccurate. Accordingly, if he does not own a business entity related to rugby sports goods, and while being associated with rugby and having responsibilities, if he has not sold any goods to Sri Lanka Rugby through that entity, and if such a business entity exists, if he has not offered to assume
official rugby responsibilities, or if the information that he will not be contacted for rugby at his school is incorrect and if no such decision has been made, we will be obliged to publish a correction on our website. We have highlighted the possibility of intervention if there are accuracy issues when presenting allegations related to Rugby in multiple instances. However, regrettably, they have not utilized that opportunity nor provided a similar chance to correct any inaccuracies. Instead, they have presented their case through various responsible figures in society and have informed the website administration to cease the reports about them. The intervention of the sports department is for the benefit of any sport and anyone who brings the accusations with acceptable evidence for the sport and those with opposing views will also have the opportunity to present strong evidence to refute the facts we have reported as incorrect. Here again, we have no personal issue with Dilroy, and we recognize that he has gained international recognition as a highly qualified judge.

But what is important here is that Dilroy has become an accused because he tried to travel both ways at the same time, ignoring the fact that there is no space for that knowledge to be used professionally
according to the Sri Lankan Sports Act and Rugby Constitution. If he truly intends to engage in the sport, he and his wife may need to take a hiatus from their current business commitments and actively participate in rugby. But he is going to face these charges because of the violation of certain legal matters by going to acquire everything. Don is a Don, Simon is Simon. There’s a saying in our village that you can’t have two Dong Simons. Dilroy is also accused of tangled up Don Simon.

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