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A life-toll to be paid for travelling on roads? Accidents claim four lives every three hours

July 02, Colombo (LNW): Approximately four Sri Lankans die every three hours due to various accidents, with around 35 fatalities occurring daily, Dr. Samitha Siritunga, a Community Medicine Consultant from the Department of Non-Communicable Diseases, disclosed.

Annually, about one million individuals are hospitalised due to accidents, he noted speaking at a briefing organised by the Government Information Department.

Dr. Siritunga highlighted the Health Ministry’s initiatives planned for the week of July 1 to July 5.

He noted that accident victims often seek treatment from outpatient departments, private hospitals, as well as Ayurvedic and traditional medicine practitioners.

He mentioned that one in five people requires medical attention for an accident at some point in their life.

Two to three individuals die daily from drowning, with approximately 800 drowning deaths annually, Dr. Siritunga went on, adding that in addition to road accidents, a significant number of fatalities result from falls and drowning.

Dr. Siritunga stated that around 12,000 deaths occur each year due to accidents. He emphasised that those most affected by accidents are the key contributors to the economy, resulting in substantial economic losses and increased government expenditure on medical treatments.

Statistics show that roughly 50 percent of outpatient treatments are for domestic accidents, 25 percent for road accidents, and 10 percent for workplace injuries.

He concluded by asserting that experts believe all accidents are preventable and that changes in attitudes and behaviours can significantly reduce the incidence of accidents.

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