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Shrimps Turning Into Bosses And The Status Of Others

July 01, Colombo (LNW): We have heard examples of crabs being told to walk upright, evoking both sarcasm and humor. It is an open secret in Sri Lanka’s sports industry that unfit individuals occupy top seats. They are the ones who work closely with the president, making decisions about the country alongside relevant ministers. Even the officials who implement the policy decisions taken by the politicians work in confidence about them.

In this way, we have been defamed in this country by the game of rugby for about ten years and have been fined internationally. Deducting the fine to be paid from the international funds for the development of rugby in Sri Lanka, emptying the accounts of the rugby administration under a debt burden and that group continues to talk about more good governance so that they can increase their power and return to the Rugby administration.

There are no tests or punishments for any of that. It is evident that there is no discipline, which is why the warnings and guidance issued when such individuals are in leadership positions are not exemplary. As mentioned earlier, it’s akin to
teaching baby crabs to walk straight. Therefore, the new generation that joins the game with the basic opinion that they are not good people in relation to the people who are going to control them, does not focus on the top with sincerity and confidence. They are constantly in doubt.

Whether it’s a mistake, an omission, or a deliberate action, the temptation to think with a planned outcome is a situation that can arise in such circumstances. The objection raised in the mind is more serious than determining whether this disbelief is an actual mistake. Trying to dismiss the unfortunate incident in the school rugby match between Science College and St. Thomas’s is not extinguishing the fire; it’s merely brushing the ashes without considering the possibility of the fire reigniting.

It’s pointless to just wipe away the ashes when fires are ignited due to the responsibility of making rugby a widely respected game in the country. These fires must be extinguished. Whether a mistake is intentional or accidental, in an environment where trust is compromised, people respond with protest and anger that stems from their disillusionment with the mistake.

“You go to deceive the world by pretending that the people of another country are from Sri Lanka, and you keep those who have punished the country as gentlemen and come to teach us about discipline?” It is not the people in the room who are
affected by the question and the objection about it. Referees and the people who come down to the field representing Sri Lanka Rugby for various duties.

The current top-down opposition may rise further with this incident. Also, there could arise a situation where the government needs to intervene to ensure necessary measures are taken to protect the lives of referees during matches.

It is the duty of the sports administration whether the shrimps are allowed to continue to check the cleanliness of others or whether they check what is on the head of the shrimps. We wish a speedy recovery to the judges who were injured in the attack and are currently hospitalized.

*Adapted from original article, “ඉස්සන් ලොක්කන්වීම සහ සෙස්සන්ගේ තත්ත්වය” by Nishman Ranasinghe, published on 01.07.2024.

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