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Concerns mount over quality of popular mango variety

July 04, Colombo (LNW): Currently, the TEJC mango variety is widely cultivated domestically and abroad, but its quality is being compromised by unregulated and informal farming practices.

The proliferation of TEJC mango cultivation for local consumption in large quantities has led to a decline in cultivation standards, resulting in mangoes appearing in markets without the characteristic bright yellow hue, often with a mouldy black appearance on the surface.

While this does not pose immediate health risks, adhering to proper standards is crucial for export purposes.

Minister of Agriculture and Plantation Industry Mahinda Amaraweera, expressed concerns that continued neglect of quality standards could jeopardise future sales of this mango variety.

In response, the Minister has directed the Department of Agriculture to draft an expansion plan that prioritises improving the cultivation practices of TEJC mangoes, particularly for export purposes.

This directive came during a recent ministry meeting held two days ago (02).

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