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Hong Kong and Sri Lanka partner to enhance water management practices

July 06, Colombo (LNW): Dr. CHUI Ho Kwong Samuel, Director of the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong, announced a collaborative agreement between the Hong Kong Environment Protection Department (HKEPD), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Central Environment Authority (CEA) of Sri Lanka.

This MoU facilitates the exchange of expertise on water management issues, including wastewater treatment.

Dr. Samuel highlighted that the agreement will transfer advanced water treatment technologies to Sri Lanka, providing knowledge on pollution control and climate change mitigation.

Speaking at the Water Technology Awareness Workshop 2024, held at the Centre of Excellence for Water and Sanitation in Ratmalana, he introduced Hong Kong’s innovative use of seawater for toilet flushing—a cost-effective, low-energy solution that conserves potable water.

He expressed hopes that these models would train Sri Lankan officials and scholars in effective pollution control.

Professor Min Yang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences elaborated on the partnership’s goals, emphasising the sharing of water treatment expertise to improve Sri Lanka’s air and water quality.

He believed this initiative would help Sri Lanka achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.

CEA Chairman Venura Fernando reiterated Sri Lanka’s focus on improving water quality through various initiatives, including a five-year programme with a private organisation.

Highlighting the critical role of the Kelani River in supplying drinking water to over four million people, Fernando emphasised the importance of protecting water resources.

He acknowledged China’s support in several areas through the Belt and Road Initiative and expressed a desire to adopt similar technological advancements in Sri Lanka.

S. K. Weragoda, Director of the Joint Research and Demonstration Centre for Water Technology, stressed the workshop’s objective to educate officials on utilising technology to protect natural resources, particularly the marine environment.

He noted the participation of representatives from Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department, who brought extensive experience in environmental protection to the event.

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