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Price of bread to soar over Rs. 100, bakery owners warn

In the wake of the shortage of wheat flour triggered by the ongoing crisis in the country, the price of a loaf of bread could soar over Rs. 100, warned the All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association, speaking to a briefing today (06).

Union President N.K. Jayawardena stated that the soaring of the price of bread may be inevitable given the situation.

“As of now, about 1000 bakeries have been closed as they cannot continue. Others work only five days per week. So, should this continue, the price of a loaf of break will soar over Rs. 100 for sure. We should be thankful if it stops below Rs. 150. With the crises ongoing such as the commodity prices, gas and others, a loaf of bread will have to be sold for over Rs. 100. Should it be sold for below Rs. 100, it will not be a loaf of bread of the accurate weight,” he said.

The Union President added: “So, there is nothing left for us to say. The problem has already gone upwards and is on our shoulders. Should this situation continue, all bakeries in the country may have to be closed. Only a handful of bakeries may remain open. 90 per cent of bakery owners are being driven into poisoning themselves due to being unable to settle bank loans. We urge the government authorities to pay their attention to us. We urge them to provide a solution to our problems. But it is doubtful whether it will happen. The dollar crisis is the reason behind them all. Until that problem is solved, none of our problems will be solved.”


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