Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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13 years of LNW..

Today (March 07) marks the 13th Anniversary of Lanka News Web (LNW).

Being able to provide information to the public in a continuous journey for 13 years among a large number of news websites in Sri Lanka, LNW have faced endless challenges on the way, but we truly thank our readers and friends who have stood by us and strengthened us in every moment.

Contrary to many media bodies in Sri Lanka repeatedly being vocal about them being impartial, we take the side of the people, the oppressed, wherever there is a problem. We are unconditionally against racism, nationalism, religious zeal, bigotry and homophobia and any form of discrimination targeted against a person or a group of people. That being said, we harbour no tradition of appearing to the oppressor in the cloak of impartiality.

Freedom of humans alone is our number one priority!

We do not linger in the same place being the same either. We fulfill and carry out the responsibility of anchoring information to our readers in a more positive approach with various changes from time to time. We have also experimented with technical varieties as well as editorial policy changes, and have now opened our platform to all political and non-political parties regardless of the differences, valuing the golden policy of Right-to-Reply.

It is not our practice of being swept away with the ripples that arise from time to time in the mode of reporting, for we value things above the line of popularity.

We have nothing to celebrate at a time when the people of the country are facing many problems, at a time when the country, as a whole, is battling against immense challenges, and at a crucial time when politics should be exercised rather intelligently and not emotionally. We, therefore, invite everyone of you to remain with us, to combat these challenges, as a country, and as a people!

Thank you!

~ LNW Editorial Team

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