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Import restrictions imposed under three systems

In view of managing the current economic situation of the country, import restrictions will be imposed for a limited period of time, disclosed the Department of Government Information in a statement today (09).

Accordingly, these import restrictions will be imposed under three systems, based on recommendations tabled by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL).

Under the first system are certain selected imported goods subject to taxes and are items subject to mandatory licences for importation.

Under the second system are certain imported goods subject to both mandatory taxes and licences for importation.

Under the new regulations are 367 non-essential imported items subject to import restrictions. These include apples, grapes, oranges and fruits, as well as cheese, water, foreign liquor and beer, footwear, musical instruments, sporting goods, home appliances and cosmetics.

The Controller of Imports and Exports will be issuing these licences and the recommendation of the Finance Secretary should be obtained prior to receiving one, the statement added.


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