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Basil speaks about the float of the rupee to the media for the first time

Basil Rajapaksa, Minister of Finance has stated that despite international issues such as the covid epidemic, rising fuel prices and the Ukraine-Russia war, every effort is being made to provide relief to the people of the country.

Q. Minister, tell us when these reliefs will be given to the people?

“Relief is still being given. The 5000 rupee allowance is being provided already, we will continue that ”

Q: Fuel prices increase yesterday?

“IOC increased the prices. Others may increase so too.”

Q. But it’s very difficult for people. Is there any quick solution to this for you?

” We are making every effort to provide relief ”

Q. People are quite confident in you that you will provide them relief?

“With that belief, we will soon try to get all our ministers, the Prime Minister and the President to do it.”

Q. What do you do about the price of the dollar? What do you think about this float of the rupee?

“This is not something done by us. We tried our best to manage this. But it became so intense that it could not be stopped ”

Q: Will the dollar’s inflows increase soon?

“Yes, That is what some people say. The Opposition said so, so we should listen to it too ”

Q. Are you listening to the Opposition now?

“No, so a lot of economists commented on it.”

Q. How long will it take to solve this?

That’s the problem, the epidemic came, then the price of fuel went up, then came the Ukraine-Russia war. These are all external factors. None of these are happening in our country. We do not have much power internationally. But the local ones will definitely be resolved ”

Q: Isn’t it a problem to repay the debt in this dollar crisis?

“It is a problem. But it will be done somehow ”

Basil Rajapaksa said this while answering several questions raised by journalists in Gampaha today (11).

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