Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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The Citizens March for better living  

We invite you to come to the street to walk together with us,
You don’t have to endorse SJB or it’s leadership to join us in protest against this irresponsible, callous government
We walk because we are against corruption
We walk because we want to be lead by responsible leaders that have the interest of its citizens at heart
We walk because we deserve to live in a country where our rights our secured
We walk because the government has failed to provide our basics: Electricity, Gas, Milk
Powder, Medicine etc
We walk because our livelihoods are destroyed
We demand for better governance, administration
We demand to be governed by professionals and not by third class, uneducated politicians
We demand to govern with responsibility
We have no other country to go,
This is SriLanka
Where we are born
Where we will die
Where we will live
We deserve to live in dignity
The President is only a temporary custodian and he has no right to destroy our country
We stand up against nepotism, against this corrupt family, their cronies and allies that destroy our nation
But mostly
We stand up for ourselves and the future of our children
Join us on the 15th of March
It’s not an SJB protest
It’s a Citizen’s March !
Lihini Fernando

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