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Dr. Bellana warns many hospitals will have to close within another week should the crisis continue

It is reported that the daily activities of government hospitals have been severely affected due to several problems including fuel shortage, gas crisis and shortage of medicines. If the crisis continues, many hospitals will have to close within the next week, the President of the Government Medical Officers’ Forum, Dr. Rukshan Bellana has told the media.

Due to the shortage of fuel, members of the medical staff, including doctors, have been unable to report for duty and the daily services of those who report for duty have been disrupted.

In addition, restaurants in some hospitals have been forced to close due to fuel and gas shortages. According to Dr. Bellana, meeting the food needs of patients as well as health staff members has become a serious problem.

Of all these crises, the most serious problem facing the health sector is the shortage of medicines. The doctor says that even some of the essential medicines in some hospitals are in short supply.

Dr. Bellana warns that many hospitals will have to close within another week if the crisis continues.

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