Thursday, June 1, 2023

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The landing cost along is Rs. 4462.25. Gas prices should be increased immediately – Litro Surakeeme National Unity

Litro Surakeeme National Unity says that in order to save Litro Gas, immediate action must be taken to increase the price of a gas cylinder, otherwise, the company will have to be closed in the next three months.

“The international LPG price in February was $ 880 per metric ton. We have incurred a loss of Rs. 200 million from this ship alone when we unloaded the ship’s gas quantity which is currently being prepared for unloading based on the February price and delivered it to the customer at the current price. The amount of money we bore as a state-owned company for the people last year alone was 1100 crore. On this financial basis, this company will have to close down in the next three months. We are not talking about price increases. This must be managed ”

Q. We never borrowed cylinders. Now you are asking for a price increase to manage the issue, aren’t you?

“If the only way to manage this is to increase prices, we must do it.”

Q. How much more are you proposing to increase this time?

“We have to cost Rs. 4462.25 as the landing cost ”

Litro Surakeeme National Unity stated this addressing a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday (18).

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