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The government is trying to bring the MCC Agreement back – Wimal

Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa says that the present government is preparing to bring back the American MCC agreement in another way and that this government formed by him and the progressive and benevolent people is being bankrupted by an American today.

“Today members of the Pohottu party in the government are resigning from their posts against the current power-greed and against the pro-American colonization of this country. So we hope to take very strong action in the future. The situation in the country is deplorable. Today this country has been dragged into a state of extreme instability without leadership. We discussed the steps to be taken to change that situation”

Q: Several embassies have been closed due to the dollar issue?

“Now the government is saying that there will be power cuts, gas shortages and all those queues will disappear after next week. If anyone thinks that they can solve this problem by bringing in some money from India, it will not happen. By next year, the problem will be even more serious. What should be done is not what’s happening here. Cabinet approval comes only after three agreements are signed. Next, they are trying to give a large amount of state property in this country to foreigners. Also, several people, including a key representative of the US State Department, are coming to Sri Lanka to restart MCC in a different way. This is a government formed by the progressive and benevolent people of this country, and today an ugly American is dragging it in that direction. That should not be allowed. The country has to go bankrupt economically to be dragged into it.”

MP Wimal Weerawansa stated this while expressing his views to the media after a meeting of the government’s small party alliance held yesterday (22).

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