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No shortage. All essential commodities imported: Minister S.M. Chandrasena (VIDEO)

Land Minister S.M. Chandrasena responding to reporters yesterday (26) stated that all essential commodities have been imported to Sri Lanka and will not be of any shortage.

“The President, the Prime Minister, the Finance Minister and us the Cabinet will not slip away from these problems. We will be managing them at our best, facing the challenges and solving them in 2022 in a move of saving the country.

Although it has been said that there were 1500 containers, many of them were of exporting items. The figure is shown with them included.

Nevertheless, we have delivered the commodities required for the country. There is no shortage. No shortage, is there? Sugar, Dhal, Potatoes, everything is available in the market. The prices have soared a little bit because the prices went high in the global market. So, the price of every commodity has surged.”

Q: Do you not understand that the people are facing a difficult time?

“Difficult, alas difficult. We know that it is difficult. That difficulty is now being solved. We know, it is difficult.”


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