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Was the Norwegian Embassy closed down at the behest of Ambassador Godfrey Cooray?

The Sri Lankan community in Norway alleges that Godfrey Cooray, the current Sri Lankan Ambassador to Norway, has pressured the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to close the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo, Norway.

It is said that the reason for this is that a 30 year old woman named Sujeewa, whom Godfrey Cooray had taken from Sri Lanka to work at the Ambassador’s house, could not bear his harassment and ran away from the embassy and complained to the Norwegian government authorities.

The Norwegian government is currently investigating but the allegations of serious human rights abuses that have been made cannot be denied even under diplomatic privileges.

Accordingly, the Sri Lankan community in Norway alleges that the ambassador himself provided false information to Sri Lanka to close the embassy as the only tactic to get rid of these allegations.

As a result, thousands of Sri Lankans are at risk of losing their jobs.

It is now being revealed that Godfrey Cooray, during his tenure as ambassador, has been pursuing a private business rather than serving the country as a diplomat.

Meanwhile, it is reported that a woman named Sujeewa has been given special protection by the Norwegian authorities.

(We would also like to point out that LNW would provide the opportunity for comments from any party, including Godfrey Cooray.)

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