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Vehicles requisitioned by Provincial Councils not handed over; used for personal use!

The luxury vehicles requisitioned by the Provincial Councils are still being used by the former ministers of the Provincial Councils, an investigation into the vehicle stocks possessed by the Councils disclosed.

While some Provincial Councils are five years behind their official term, the vehicles requisitioned for official use have not yet been handed over.

The Provincial Council Election was scheduled to be held during the last Good Governance regime’s period, but the polls were delayed upon the need understood for the adaptation of a new electoral system.

At the end of the Good Governance regime’s term, the relevant amendments could not be passed in Parliament. In the case of the current regime, the Provincial Council Election has still not been held despite the two years it spent in power.

Despite the term end, some Chief Ministers and Ministers have not yet returned these luxury vehicles, while some reports divulge that these vehicles have been used even by their spouses. Some reports claim that a group of former high ranking officials attached to these Councils are still using the vehicles illegally.

A detailed report on the government figures who have not returned these vehicles has been submitted to the heads of the government, correspondents add.


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