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A harsh response from Ranil to the Derana Announcer who tried to bring racism into the talks between the President and TNA (VIDEO)

Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has slammed the announcer of Derana TV Channel Sankha Amarajith for trying to raise Sinhala racist views by criticizing issues raised during the talks between the TNA and President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

Sankha: Using this crisis, the TNA is talking about political solutions, calling for the lifting of the ban on banned organizations, are these true?

Ranil – “What are banned organizations?”

Sankha – It is said those have provided financial assistance to the LTTE.

Ranil: “Many of such organizations had not been banned. Those were implemented in our period as well. This was banned after the government came. It is said that the ban should be lifted. When there is this problem in this country we go back to racism. This is an old story ”

Sankha: No, I mean, there is a conversation about this now.

Ranil – “That conversation continues because there is no other to speak of. Looking back to take racism, take religionism. What is the use of it? Do we get petrol from this for people today from this? Now let’s talk the truth! They talked about locality, they said they need to save the nation, they talked about the Easter Sunday attack… Let’s leave them all aside; These are reasonable issues of our Tamil people, even our Buddhist monks want to solve those issues for them. I know a number of organizations that did business with us at that time were banned after the coming of this government. So Sumanthiran says it should be removed. I think that’s fair. There is no LTTE behind this, the LTTE is finished now. Bombings don’t happen. Terrorism will not appear again, I know it. Many of those organizations do not have the money even if they talk about collecting them.

Ranil Wickremesinghe said this while participating in a conversation held on Derana TV yesterday (28).

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