Sunday, June 16, 2024

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Power cuts exceeding 10 hours expected for next week?

The power cut which lasted for more than 7 hours was extended to 10 hours for the first time today. This is due to the massive fuel crisis facing the country.

The Kelanitissa power plant has been completely idle since yesterday due to lack of fuel and several other power plants have not been able to continue generating electricity.

CEB sources say that if there are not enough stocks of fuel to generate electricity, the power cut will exceed 10 hours from next week.

Even the stocks of fuel required for this week have not yet been released and accordingly the 10-hour power cut is likely to take effect over the next few days.

The issuance of diesel for vehicles has been completely stopped and the supply of fuel to petrol stations has been suspended for two days.

This morning the Chairman of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation stated that the issuance of diesel has been suspended for two days and that there is no need of queuing for diesel.

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