Thursday, June 20, 2024

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A plea to Prez Gota’s Biz Captains – save LANKA

What the government has done to the economy Covid or no Covid is unpardonable . See the numerous hardships my wife and I had to endure; 7 hour power cut, no gas , no petrol , 25% price hikes. This is not what we ever dreamed would happened in Sri Lanka. As retirees we are doomed. Fortunately my son took us down under to give us some relief for a few months . How many can do that? The rest more than 70% suffer silently. As leaders what is handed over to you must be left in a better state.

This is far worse than what we had to endure in the 70s under the SLFP. The Economy is on the verge of a total collapse: a dire warning from the man who probably should be the Governor of the Central Bank to overcome this grave crisis. A career Central Banker, Dr Nandalal Weerasinghe, recently retired as the Senior Deputy Governor. IF President Gota is serious about avoiding an imminent crash, he should immediately replace the Finance Minister, the Treasury Secretary and the Governor of CBSL.* In no country in the world has the core group that disrupted an economy also been the ones to fix it. We have only days left, and at most a few weeks. The President needs to act NOW.What is the opposition doing ? Other than protesting? Corporate leaders are silent but accepted top appointments? So my appeal to these businessmen who supported openly for the Rajapakse’s to come into power, watched in silence as they messed up, but happily enjoyed the handouts and concessions and positions dished out for them, must wake up before it is too late for Sri Lanka. As they settle in the back seats of their Bentleys, Range Rovers and Benz Cars after a day’s work and rest their heads on the soft pillows in their luxurious cars, must think of the millions who live on a daily wage (60%) of population who can no longer put 2 meals together. History will certainly judge them sooner or later. Don’t watch in silence whilst we become a Lebanon or a Venezuela .

Because the country won’t be stable for you and children to enjoy your wealth you have earned.

Be tough with the government. In fact journalist muheed Jereen had even suggested that those billionaire businessmen who financed and supported Gota and danced with Dr P B Jayasundara should dole out 100 Million USD loan to the country to bail out Sri Lanka. Knowing how profit seeking most of you are, it is very unlikely . Many of you have either shifted are already planning to shift to Dubai till the crisis blows over.

So please think of your workers, your relatives and how you started life and do something to save Sri Lanka. The situation is very serious unlike ever before.


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