Monday, April 22, 2024

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Aiyo Mr. President stop being so Naive in 2022

Today one thing is very clear Mr President you are the best of the Rajapakses. I am sure though your relatives are getting hooted you can still go in public without fear. Because people know you are not a commission king and you are not corrupt .

Importantly unlike your nephews who flaunt their ill gotten wealth, nothing has changed for you. You lead a very simple life. Therefore it is a pity you are a failing. I am sure you will get a heart attack  if you spend some time on social media reading about your relatives. Hope it is not true for for the sake of your legacy. By only Expressing confidence of realising ‘Vistas of Prosperity it won’t fill the stomach of the 6.9 million people who voted for you. You have said you lost the first two years owing to pandemic-induced setbacks. Partially true, the rest was due to the pig headed bureaucrats you hired.

50% is mismanagement and the rest is pandemic related. At least in the new year put some practical people to run your government don’t only hire people because they are rich or connected and smooth talkers who can sell ice to Eskimos. Send those people as Ambassadors to sell Sri Lanka to the world using their money.

You say local manufacturers and farmers have benefited from your new policy, but you regret the lack of recognition by media and others. Please go to some areas in the country and see the impact of your policies. If it was so good how come the prices of essential items even vegetables have gone over 100-300%. Please Don’t let Sri Lanka be the next Zimbabwe.

Surely, your so called advisors did not know in 2020 that Sri Lanka will lose $ 10 b from tourism income and workers remittances. We’re they day dreaming till our reserves dropped to 1.4 Billion? Why are you so blindly defending them without sacking them for negligence? Like the last government and the previous Mahinda government we will keep on adding debt and mortgaging the future of our future generations to bail us out of this crisis . Most people though you will erase the excesses of the Rajapakse and Wickremesinghe era. It has only got worse.

If Sri Lanka had a charismatic and competent leader in Parliament by now you would have lost your government.

So at least now stop being so naive and do something to ease the burden on the purse , it is unbearable Mr President. Finally, there is nothing political in all what we have said, it is the truth and nothing but the truth. The way you are screwing up it will only pave the way for the JVP to realize their ultimate dream and make it difficult for you to govern.


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