Monday, December 11, 2023

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CEB’s misapplication of fuel for power generation incurs an annual loss of US$ 1.32 billion!

Electricity board is destroying foreign currency USD 1.32 Billion annually using wrong fuel type to generate power

For the current 900MW power generation using coal, the total coal consumption cost comes to USD 30million per month, at the current market price of coal .

In addition, the current 900MW power generation using diesel and furnace oil cost comes to USD 140million per month, according to current market prices for diesel and furnace oil.

If diesel and furnace oil plant can be replaced with coal to generate 900MW coal power plant cost saving per month is USD 110 million.

We can save USD 1.32 billion yearly, if we replace diesel and furnace oil with coal for power generation.

Already environmental approvals are granted for 2 coal plants to be built in Sampur for 500MW and Norochcholai for 300MW in Sri Lanka.

The total project cost for the construction of the above 2 coal plants is USD 1.2 billion.

Are we to understand that the loss incurred annually in an astronomical figure as disclosed above is at the Ceylon Electricity Board’s (CEB) unconsciousness towards the cost-effective application of fuel for power generation saving millions of dollars, or is it the outcome of some sinister motive borne by those responsible for such a loss to destroy the country?

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