Friday, June 14, 2024

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The public expects the Opposition to work together

The severe Shortages of several items have triggered the worst demonstrations in years in Sri Lanka, the protests that started with a chain of innocent candlelight vigils protesting against the widespread blackouts has turned out to be violent and often aggressive . The disunity of the opposition led by Sajith Premadasa has resulted in the public demanding a non-politico council as a replacement. The national emergency needs a unified response. Sadly the opposition today is only interested in their future .

The opposition leaders need to swallow their pride and get behind the people . Soon people will start protesting in front of the houses of opposition leaders asking them to go home . It can turn into #gohomesajith campaign . Sajith Premadasa wants the presidency abolished , JVP wants Rajapakses arrested, Sirisena wants the farmers given fertilizer. Weerawanse wants the government toppled . They all want different things. Ranil Wickremesinghe focused on the immediate crisis, going to the IMF which was shot down by Vasudewa Nanayakkara. The country urgently needs a responsible Opposition and a good leader. This is the need of the hour.

A leader who could guide the agitating masses to bring about the relief they need and the political change as desired by them in a democratic manner. However what the opposition party leaders want now is to be the next prime minister . Premadasa who claims to champion the poor moves around in a Black Benz S Class and a top end Toyata Jeep. His wife dines in the best restaurants. Equally, Ranil Wickremesinghe is no better. But he is not seen as pro poor, more as an international politician with strong overseas connections .

Anura Dissanayake truly represents the working class. Nothing much has changed for him. But he is certainly not the best man for the crisis. Despite his ever growing popularity with the youth. The opposition and government has no proper leader to get this country out of this economic crisis in the next 6 months. From the lot left who can offer a viable substitute to an unpopular, unskilled administration? From the current set of leaders it is only Ranil Wickremesinghe who has the ability to provide leadership in the short term to get Sri Lanka out of this USD Crisis, however unpopular some people may think he is? The other option is for the political parties to jointly appoint a council from outside parliament to run the country for six months and thereafter have elections . The future of the country is now well and truly screwed.

The opposition and the Rajapakse family should not screw the last bit that is left of mother LANKA. They and their families will be cursed by the people.

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