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SL feminists  appeals the government to address the humanitarian crisis 

Sri Lankan feminists have urged the authorities to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis caused by the economic collapse in Sri Lanka.Issuing a statement the feminists said that the country is facing the worst economic crisis in its post-independence history.

Widespread food and fuel shortages are crippling the lives of people. Such a situation that has already lasted several weeks is now resulting in widespread protests which are being repressed violently. 

Women of Sri Lnka anticipate escalating violence in the context of the spread of peaceful protests by average citizens to express democratic dissent against this unjust situation. 

On the whole, they noted that they are witnessing the unfolding of a humanitarian crisis.These conditions will contribute to more people falling into poverty and increasing inequalities, setting the country back by several years.

Women are at the forefront of dealing with this crisis in gas queues, queues for essential food items and in protests,” the statement said.The statement noted that there is now a monumental political crisis even as the economic crisis remains immediate and primary for ordinary people.

“The urgent need in order to perform those duties is for a civil, democratic governance system that can restore the confidence of the people.In spite of the imminent collapse of the existing Government, the state mechanisms should perform their fundamental duties of ensuring the rights and welfare of the people.

All measures demanded by them are  based on the premise that the Government must prioritize the basic needs of the peoplerecognizing  that people feel a deep frustration with the political class and emphasize the urgent need for the citizens of Sri Lanka to have governance systems that can restore the confidence of the people. 

In this context, urgently launching a humanitarian operation, with a focus on preventing national level starvation and chaos is imperative.The government in all its negotiations within and outside the country, to emerge from this crisis, MUST address these needs by allocating and reallocating resources accordingly,” the statement said.

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