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Lawyers brief PM about the disadvantage of holding protests without any understanding of the Constitution

A meeting between pro-government lawyers and the Hon. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa was held at Temple Trees this morning (18).

Discussions were held on resolving the problems that have arisen in the country so far and the prejudice caused to the country due to the ongoing struggles against the government.

The lawyers pointed out that the removal of the President was unconstitutional and it appears that without a clear understanding of the Constitution the struggles were being led by an organized group based on the problems currently faced by the people.

During the struggles of 1988-89, the protest against the assassination of the then President J. R Jayewardene ended in great devastation to the country.

The lawyers also mentioned that the struggle being waged against the President, the Prime Minister and the government by the youth without any understanding of the past and the existing laws and which is being carried out all over the country could lead to another catastrophe in the country.

The lawyers said that ordinary people do not seem to be giving money to facilitate the current struggles and that there are suspicions that some organization is spending money in an organized manner to destabilize the country.

The lawyers also pointed out that the Sri Lankan media should not knowingly or unknowingly support the struggle to destabilize the country in various ways and that the media should act responsibly in such a situation.

The lawyers said that it was timely to audit the assets of the people’s representatives and that it should start with the state institutions and government officials. They said that the corruptions of state institutions and officials are now being loaded on the shoulders of politicians since the government officials do not change although the peoples’ representatives are changing time to time. 

Lawyers further pointed out that organized gangs are using the people to embarrass the government and remove the President and the Prime Minister to achieve their narrow goals, so it is imperative that the President and the Prime Minister act with courage in fulfilling the needs of the people with a clear understanding of this crisis. 

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa stated that the government is working to resolve the crisis in the country and that the people should be aware of the political conspiracies being carried out by other organizations using the people.

A group of lawyers including President’s Counsels W. Dayaratne and Rashik Shahrukh were present at the event.

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