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GF protesters call on the private sector to exert pressure on Rajapasa’s to resign                 

Advocates of Occupy Galle Face (OGF) are calling on the private sector to intensify the pressure for the Rajapaksa regime to step down. 

A group of good governance activists over the weekend issued a formal notice to the private sector which is also the engine of growth.

The specific actions sought from the private sector includes CEOs or Chairpersons of respective entities issuing a statement of commitment to stand with the people and align and contribute to stand with core objectives of resistance at OGF which has gathered momentum and sustained itself for over a week winning widespread commendation. 

Where applicable, the private sector is asked to include commitment to help with logistics at the Galle Face with clear branding, committing to be apolitical henceforth, and disassociate the company from any collectives that are refusing to take a stance. 

Physical support requested include for all those willing to commit, to come to GotaGoGama (GGG) with company banners or visual optics, encourage and provide space and opportunity for employees to protest outside office premises; support regional protests through company networks and infrastructure, organise industry protests such as the IT industry and HR sector recently and pressurise chambers of commerce industry to take collective action. 

The rationale for this course of action by the private sector is that the country needs political and social stability in order to work towards economic stability.

“This is an inflection point in the history of Sri Lanka and an opportunity for the business community to take a stand and show solidarity with their employees, their families and the people of Sri Lanka,” the notice for action by the good governance activists said.  

“Answer the call of millions of Sri Lankans. Answer the call of your people. Answer the call of your consumers and customers,” it said in urging the private sector to show that it is ready to stand united with this cause and are willing to support in the best way it can.

The private sector has also been asked to commit to stand by the overarching core objectives of the ongoing people’s movement. They are 1) President and Prime Minister must resign; 2) 20th Amendment repealed and replaced with the 19-plus; and 3) Say “No” to portfolios for the Rajapaksa family members in an Interim Cabinet.

Analysts noted that the private sector has already lent support in many ways to the OGC protest from day one but emphasised that formal participation in person by employees will make the people’s protest vociferous. In parallel, activists in the public sector are also marshalling State sector employees to join the OGF as well as professionals. 

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