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Former PM Ranil says “the worst yet to come”

The Former Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe criticized  the Sri Lankan Airlines Board for  attempting to lease/buy 22 new aircrafts in parliament today. He said it is a shame for them to get new aircrafts when the country can’t even provide a steady line of oil or gas and medicines to the public. 

We are getting humanitarian aid. Analysts say the Sri Lankan Airlines board consists of crony businessmen and professionals. Some of the professionals on the board are men for all seasons. The board consists of Hans Wijesuriya of Dialog, Jayantha Perera quest destination owner of a travel company, Ashok Pathirege Softlogic , Malik Fernando  Dilmha Tea, Sanjaya Mohottala who was kicked out of BOI by the unions.

There are several allegations against some of them for getting contracts. The board was also responsible for brining Indian tourist that created the 2 nd wave. They were never reprimanded by the government. The Former Prime Minister asked the SriLanksn board to first pay the loans of the state banks back before they bought or leased new aircrafts. He said the country is begging for USD oversees, whilst the board was squandering the valuable USD.

Analysts say the board has no sense of the plight of the public given their dealings with the government and lifestyles. Very soon the president can once again apologize on behalf of the Board to the public. This has become his favorite pastime. Without kicking them out, he is tolerating a board that is totally insensitive to the public cry.

Former prime minister said the worst is yet to come and we need to strengthen parliament for greater oversight to prevent excesses when the public is protesting against rising Cost of Living and lack of essentials.

Observers say because of the free tickets no director will resign. Union sources told us two directors frequently travel on 10% tickets, one Director to UK to see his family and other returns from Singapore to see his parents. Mr President your slip is showing. Wake up before it is too late for you and the country. The time has come to get public officials to compensate with their private wealth for their excesses.


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