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Chinese Premier pledges every assistance to overcome Sri Lanka crisis    

Beleaguered Prime Minister Mahinda  Rajapaksa who has been pushed to the wall by suffering Sri Lankans  says that the Chinese Premier  has given a firm assurance  for the stability of the island nation. 

The Sri Lankan Prime Minister has made this revelation at a time where hundreds of thousands of university students led by Inter University Students Federation are planning to  covered  into Gota go Gama protesters village in Colombo Galle Face green today Sunday 24.

 Ina last ditch attempt to save his disgraceful government led by President Gotabaya Rajapksa which is responsible for the killing of a protestor who participated at a Rambukkakna protest against fuel price hike, 74 year old  Mr Rajapaksa noted that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in telephone conversation with him  has given this pledge.

He added that China will continue to provide every assistance for Sri Lanka‘s socio economic development stability, Prime Minister’s office announced. 

China has given this assurance at time where Sri Lanka’s closest India has already stepped into assist Sri Lanka even by going out of the way, at the IMF spring meetings to persuade the donor agency to help the crisis country.  

According to Prime Minister’s office, Chinese Premier has pledged to provide assistance to solve financial problems faced by the country with the aim of improving living standard of the suffering  people of Sri Lanka.

He also told the Sri Lanka premier that he has clear understanding of the difficulties and challenges faced by Sri Lanka.

Several economic analysts noted that the Chinese Premier should also understand the reasons behind present problems were the short sighted ad hoc policies   and wide spread corruption of the present regime led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa who has already accepted some of his misdeeds . 

China has already assured Sri Lanka that it will provide US$ 2.5 billion loan facility to overcome the present  man-made economic crisis.

The China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) has pledged an urgent emergency humanitarian aid of RMB 200 million to Sri Lanka, including 5000 tonnes of rice (with the previously announced 2000 tonnes), pharmaceuticals, production materials and other essentials. 

Furthermore, the Yunnan Province has announced a donation of RMB 1.5 million worth of food packages to Sri Lanka.

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