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SL biz community urges repeal of 20th amendment

Amidst growing protests and a shortage of fuel, the Joint Chambers of Commerce and Industry has urged President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to immediately initiate legislative action to repeal the 20th amendment to the Constitution.

“The Joint Chambers urge Your Excellency, as President, to immediately initiate legislative action to repeal the 20th amendment to the constitution which contributed to the present situation.

This will be viewed as a historic positive development for this country both from a political and economic perspective,” it said in a letter to the President on Tuesday.

They noted that it was concerned that the current political deadlock coupled with growing public unrest could potentially derail the actions being taken to resolve the serious economic crisis faced by the country.

The absence of political stability could significantly disrupt the successful and speedy completion of initiatives taken thus far, the letter said.

The chambers were confident the repeal of the 20th amendment will ensure a better balance of power between the Executive and the Legislature along with the reintroduction of the Constitutional Council and other independent Commissions that will lead to a more acceptable political framework that could help resolve the current impasse.

Meanwhile several companies issued statements this week on the public unrest in the country with some supporting the protests and a regime change.

Hemas Group said it ‘continues’ to support the people in its demand for systemic change. “We call upon our nation’s leaders to hear the cry of the people and come together to immediately undertake the necessary political reforms and set our country on the right path.

It should be based on the principles of good governance, free of corruption and ethnic divisions,” it said in a statement. It said it was supporting the rights of their staff to freely express themselves in a non-violent manner.

MAS Holdings said: “As a responsible organisation, we unconditionally support the call for change and good governance, and earnestly request the nation’s leaders to heed the voice of the people and act on it, whilst respecting legal and Constitutional due process.”

The statement added that given the ensuing events, MAS reiterates the need for immediate and decisive action to resolve the current economic and social crisis, in a peaceful and sustainable manner.

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