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Opposition Leader Premadasa responds to Vasu’s allegations, reiterates they have no deal with the corrupt (VIDEO)

In the backdrop where a President and a Government were elected with a 6.9 million mandate along with a two-thirds majority in Parliament only to deceive the country, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya has no deal with the corrupt whatsoever, said Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa emphasised today (27).

Certain politicians dependent of ravens-like corrupt leaders of the government are accusing the SJB of dealing with the corrupt, which would be baseless, he noted, reminding that today is the International Crow and Raven Appreciation Day.

The ‘Samagi Bala Pa Gamana’ walk fighting for freedom organised by the SJB against the oppressive government commenced its second day in Mawanella today. Leader of the Opposition Premadasa together with a large number of public representatives of the SJB are joining the walk.

“My friends, how on earth are we dealing with the government? When the youth generation of this country is fighting in hundred thousands without any political affiliation at the Galleface sacrificing their lives, should we be making deal with this corrupt regime? What a joke! My friends, these accusers are demonstrating the internal crisis of the government. One faction urges the President to step down, one urges the Prime Minister to stay, one says the President must stay and another urges the Prime Minister to go home. When we do not take part of this corrupt regime, we are being accused of dealing with them. We have a deal with the 22 million people who live in the grassroots of this country, not with the corrupt regime.” Premadasa commented.


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