Monday, June 17, 2024

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Dilith-Namal twitter feud takes unexpected turn!

It has been a hot topic of how former Minister Namal Rajapaksa and Media Giant Dilith Jayaweera held a Twitter feud over the administration crisis in Sri Lanka.

In a second turn, the feud has taken an unexpected turn, where Jayaweera has made a rather controversial response to a message tweeted by the former Minister a while ago.

“A section of the general public are busy protesting against the government. The opposition is busy organising a protest march. The ruling coalition is divided and trying to create a majority, while the country is suffering. Are we truly addressing the issues at hand or busy with different agendas?” Rajapaksa wrote.

In response, Jayaweera said, “Talking about agendas, we need to also talk about who was behind ‘Antigen Horu‘ campaign agenda on social media!! Bitter truth out soon!”

Jayaweera was one of the major business pillars had committed himself to electing the current President.


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