Dinesh's personal account of a four times Prime Minister

I read the recent biography of the Prime Minister released recently at the BMICH with great interest.

Not the usual biographies that we are used to on regular day. I would say a breath of fresh air for our old crocks who keep moaning of the past, the present and the future. I have not known Dinesh personally or the Prime Minister. All what I know of Dinesh is that he did a good job as Chairman of both Commercial Bank and the Employees Trust Fund. As the Prime Minister himself said at Dinesh's book launch in 2013 " that experience gave him a good understanding of the 1% and the 99% . While I admit the biography does not in anyway a match to JRJs biography done in the 90s by a Professor. What is nice about the book is, Dinesh's style is very simple, candid and his deep exposure in the private sector is reflected in his writing . It is like a shotgun approach. Walk the talk or you have no place in my space. The old guard would certainly find fault in his style of yuppie English straight from the gut to use Jack Welch's parlance. Dinesh in his book addresses some very crucial policy issues the Prime Minister must address like yesterday, he has dedicated an entire chapter to his specialization Human Resource Development. He is in in his best element when writes about the financial sector, the economy and Human Resource Development. He puts across certain ideas and events with passion. The admiration for the Prime Minister is very profound . That comes across the book very strongly.
It is very refreshing to see a top private sector executive spending his time writing. Because the thinking and insights are very different to what we we are use to from academics and journalists. There will certainly be people who were left behind and who got bruised in the book to pick holes and take swipes at the book. I wonder if the author would even care given the stress private sector executives are trained to sallow.
But one thing for sure, Dinesh has in his effort made Ranil Wickramasinghe look good once more again to the extent that people have started seeing the Prime Minister differently. Some are referring to him as the modern JR. The Prime Minister from now on must make sure he does not burry him self in any major controversies, like the recent bond debacle and now garbage. Because fighting those battles can only make him look a very weak leader.


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